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Top ten tips to lose belly fat

01 December 2020

by Dr Paul Barrington Chell and Dr Monique Hope-Ross

The visceral fat is the bad boy of fats, we can’t feel it, we can’t see it, but it produces over 20 hormones, which cause metabolic disturbances with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation and overall shortens our lives. Achieving a healthy metabolism means shedding visceral fat. There is no magic solution to getting rid of visceral fat, but adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods will help. Research suggests that exercise may selectively reduce visceral fat.

Resistance training builds muscles and each muscle can be selectively targeted, thereby building bulk and definition in certain areas, such as chest or upper arms. Try as you might however, fat loss cannot be targeted in specified areas. To lose fat anywhere, whether is subcutaneous or visceral fat, you need to lose total body fat. The overall distribution of subcutaneous fat depends on many factors including your genes, your hormones, age and diet. To lose belly fat, you need to shed excess fat, try the top ten tips below:

These are the best ways to get rid of belly fat

  • No super refined carbohydrates
  • Refined carbohydrates-treat meals only
  • Lots of fibre, healthy fats, oily fish three times per week
  • Green tea, vinegar
  • Probiotic foods
  • No snacking
  • No alcohol; sugar free such as vodka and soda, if essential
  • Use a keto diet as a springboard to fat adaptation
  • Intermittent fasting, when fat adapted
  • Reduce your stress level, sleep well, move more, do resistance training

Tips for Weight Loss

Sleep is more than an absence of wakening, it is vital for good physical and mental health. There is a consistent association between short sleep duration and obesity. The hunger hormone ghrelin increases with lack of sleep. Both the quantity and quality of sleep are important. Sleep induced by alcohol or drugs is poor quality and not restorative. Poor sleep increases your appetite, decreases your resting metabolism and increases insulin resistance. If you sleep less than 6 hours per night, you need to think about addressing your sleep hygiene. 7-8 hours per night are the magic numbers for sleep.

Snacking is the biggest no-no for weight control. All snacks, which are in fact meals, cause insulin release. You cannot lose weight when insulin is circulating, as insulin prevents fat burning. Insulin, the fat controller marshals all the absorbed nutrients into fat storage and blocks the exits. This continues until all the insulin has been reabsorbed. This takes about two hours, but it can take much longer e.g. in the presence of insulin resistance. Only when insulin has cleared from the blood, will fat burning recommence and weight loss resume. Therefore, if you want to burn fat and lose weight, you must avoid snacking.

Obesity in the News

Top Tip

7-8 hours per night are the magic numbers for sleep.

Survive Covid-19

People who are a healthy weight are at lower risk of developing severe complications of Covid-19 than those who are obese. Obesity is one of the most important risk factors in the development of severe life threatening forms of Covid-19 and even younger obese people are at risk. Numerous studies have confirmed these findings.

Avoid Diabetes

The risk of developing type 2 diabetes is significantly less in those who are a healthy weight. Those who are overweight or obese are at higher risk of developing high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer; the list goes on. Research shows that weight loss reduces these risks.

From Whisperer HQ, Good luck in your whisperer journey.

Paul and Monique

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