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Health Quiz

Test your knowledge by selecting true or false for the following 12 questions and pressing continue.

Question 1

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of total body fat

Question 2

Fruit smoothies are a good source of fibre

Question 3

Seven hours is the minimum amount of sleep for good health

Question 4

Obesity is less than 35% genetic

Question 5

Fiber slows absorption of sugars in food

Question 6

Our brain burns roughly 20% of our bodies energy over 24 hours

Question 7

Stress is always a bad thing for our bodies

Question 8

Autophagy replenishes our cells, reducing ageing

Question 9

Fat consumption is driving the present obesity epidemic

Question 10

Insulin release increases fat breakdown

Question 11

Small snacks do not raise insulin

Question 12

It is usually best to hit the gym to lose weight

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